Moose Hunting (with a camera)

Earlier this week, I had the great pleasure of spending some time with my buddies Kent and Mark in Algonquin Park photographing moose.  For two days, we awoke at 3:45 am, quickly swallowed some coffee and boated over to some marshes well north of Hwy 60.

After travelling for approximately 2 hours,  we turned the corner of a marsh and three bull moose came into view.  They were truly a spectacle to behold.  We whispered and gave each other hand signals and just as we prepared to start shooting.  It was almost exactly 6:00 am when the alarm on my iPhone went off extremely loudly and everyone on the boat was ready to cast me overboard.  Our guide, Michael Bertelsen (who I recommend highly), is a local and immediately nicknamed me "the Cityot)"...    Fortunately, the moose were not startled and we were able to capture some nice images in great light during the golden hour on both days.

Since I was warned that the black flies were still heavy, I invested in a bug jacket with a hood.  For some reason (probably human error), it wasn't sealed properly and the black flies could get in but they couldn't get out.  I became their human buffet....