Tommy Thompson Park

Yesterday, I visited Tommy Thompson Park (aka the Leslie Street Spit) at the foot of Leslie Street in Toronto, Ontario with my friend Max Skwarna.  Max runs a very nice meetup group called Toronto Nature Photographers.  Tommy Thompson Park is a very interesting park is it was built (and continues to be built) as a land-fill project.  As a result, it is only open on weekends.  There are many interesting images of birds, insects, wildflowers, and landscape shots to be captured.  

The park curves behind a pretty marina and offers an interesting view of the Toronto skyline. I brought along an assortment of lenses as well as my tripod and walked for quite a distance with the heavy pack (approx. 7 km?).    I think that, next time, I will take along only one lens (and possibly a tripod) and limit myself to only one type of shot.   Alternatively, maybe a small wagon?

From a nature perspective, it was a little disturbing to see how many cormorants were flying back and forth in large flocks.  They seem to be extremely invasive species.